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Christian Knight: Reformat

June 29, 2017

A reformat (for those who do not know) is a computer term for wiping a hard drive of all data and setting it up to receive new data. (Something I’ve had to do recently). Basically it means to start over.  In a very real sense, this blog will be reformatted and revamped. It has been a long time since I have posted anything new. The reason for that is very simple. I have not taken the time to do so. Reasons for that are varied and broad but it all comes down to basic interest. I simply did not want to do it. 

It is not that I lost interest in the topics of Christian living and Theology. Far from it. However I did not see what I could add to the topics that had not already been covered by those far more capable than myself. I have also developed other interests which are not directly related to these subjects. (More on that later…)

After years away I still find myself with a desire to write and share my thoughts and opinions with those willing to hear them. (Both of you, you know who you are…) However, I see no reason to confine this to the subjects of Christian living and Theology alone. I have other interests as does everyone else. Some of the best advice I have ever seen on blogging has been to write what you would like to read. 

In that spirit, I am replacing this blog with another in order to encompass other interests as well as things I have already covered. The new blog can be found at, (Still working on the layout so bear with me.) I will be republishing many of the articles from here to there as I feel the need. The reason to change to a new site is that the theme and feel for this site would not fit with some of the other things I want to talk about. The term, “Christian Knight” implies that everything will be about Christianity and the Church. While I intend to continue to write about these things, I do not feel bound by these topics alone. Of course, anything I write will be from a Christian perspective. That is just who I am. Also, this is a chance to start fresh. 

Here is a list of topics I expect to write on:

 • Christian Living: I have no desire to stop commenting on life as a Christian and in the church. 

 • Theology: While there is very little I can say that others have not, there will be times I will feel compelled to discuss these issues. 

 • Bibles & Translations: Still something of a hobby of mine and some of the most popular articles posted here. 

 • Outdoor Recreation: I have always enjoyed camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Lately this has become a hobby shared with my family. 

 • Shooting: Over the last few years I have developed an interest in shooting both for target practice and personal defense. It is a topic I enjoy discussing though I do not claim any expertise. 

 • Product Reviews: When I use a product that I feel deserves attention, especially if no one else is reviewing it, I enjoy giving it the credit or criticism it deserves. 

 • Book Reviews: Truthfully my reading has been lax of late. My current schedule does not allow for serious reading time. However, when I do, I’d like to provide a review. 

I am sure there will be others as well but that is a good sampling for now. My original intent for this blog was to keep it on Christian based themes. However, time and wisdom has taught me that there is no need for such restrictions. You can be sure that anything I write will be applicable from my Christian world view and following the ideals of the Christian Knight. 

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