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November 8, 2012

Reporting a 3 year old article. I think we need reminded of this.

Christian Knight

A brother in Christ passed this along to me. I originally had this posted on my previous blog around the time of the election. Since I am transitioning to this new blog I do not want this to get lost. Given the increase in the discussion of this subject due to recent events I think this bears another look Enjoy… – Knight

Dear Friends, Lately I have been meditating on the impending election. Some questions popped up to which we not only need an answer but we need an answer from a proper Biblical/theological standpoint. These questions are as follows:

  • Do we as Christians have a role to play?
  • Are we as Christians responsible for how we vote?
  • Is there a theological imperative to how we vote?
  • What is the proper Biblical way to look at the various political issues?

Indeed this may be a late date to do this…

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