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American Christian Reformation

November 1, 2010

I am hereby calling all American Christians back to the principles of the Reformation. What are these principles? Glad you asked…

Reformation Principles:

  • Scripture Alone: The Bible is the only infallible rule of faith for the Christian and the Church.
  • Faith Alone: It is by faith, not works, by which we come to God and this faith is only able to be exercised through an act of divine grace.
  • Grace Alone: Divine grace is the only way we are able to know God. Salvation is only possible through His grace.
  • Christ Alone: Salvation is only through Christ. There is no other way through which we can gain Salvation.
  • Glory of God Alone: Our Salvation, our lives as Christians, and all of creation itself is only for the glory of God. He has preordained all which comes to pass for the express purpose of demonstrating His glory through justice and mercy.

The American Christian church has been the cornerstone of Christianity for the last 200 years. But we now see a severe degradation and compromise due to the influence of semi-Pelaginism, easy believism, seeker sensitivity, and post modernism. We are at risk of losing the cornerstone through neglect and forgetfulness. American Christians are consumed by mediocrity with regard to their faith. Evidence of this can be easily seen in the attitudes and beliefs of those who claim to represent Christ.

I speak as one just as much affected by this culture as those who I call to account. I am not innocent nor are any of us but we all have an obligation to the truth of the Gospel even if we do not always uphold it as we should. It is not only the responsibility of church leaders to stand up for the truth, it is the responsibility to everyone who names Christ as savior to uphold and learn the truth. While we have been waiting for the next great leader to come along the world has passed us over as irrelevant or has tried to remake us in its own image. However, this is not who we are. We have been bought with a price and are called to behave in a manner worthy of the King who bought us.

It is my fervent belief that the only way to bring about change in the American Christian Church is to return to the Reformation. We must walk in the steps of men like Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Knox, William Tyndale, Augustine, and the apostles Peter, John, and Paul. All of these men were willing to sacrifice everything for the Gospel and many gave the ultimate sacrifice. Of course, by walking in the path of these giants of the faith I am simply speaking of following the first principle of Scripture Alone. We have given up a consistent, objective study of the Bible in favor of a subjective approach that sees truth as something that we feel rather than something that is.

I realize that much of this sounds like a rant and I will admit that it is. However, I am tired of seeing brothers and sisters in Christ embrace the ways of this world and following the desires of their hearts rather than listening to Christ and following His word. We give up too much when we embrace the attitude of mediocrity and lose the battle by forfeit. It is time for this generation to reclaim the American church and put things back on the path of the Reformers. The American Church must reform or I fear that it will be unrecognizable to my grandchildren or maybe even my children’s generation.

It is to this end that I have created and re-dedicate this blog having been away for awhile. Here I hope to encourage my fellow believers (and myself) to settle for nothing less than the pure Word of God and accept no compromises to it. The Bible is a reliable source of history and faith and there are consistent and relevant arguments to bring against those who claim otherwise. It is not enough in this day and age to simply say that we believe the Bible on pure faith and nothing but faith. Faith like this is wonderful but unless we understand what we have faith in we will not be prepared to give an answer to those who ask. We must also constantly remind ourselves that we are not alone. We stand on the shoulders of giants who have come before us and to whose memory we are indebted. No matter what denomination we come from we cannot allow ourselves to forget that Christianity did not come into being in the last 200 years. We have a history dating back thousands of years that is worthy of our attention (warts and all.)

I hope and pray that this will serve to encourage, admonish, and bolster my brothers and sisters in the faith. May it be a reminder to all of us (myself included) to hold onto the truths we confess as precious. We may also have a bit of fun along the way.

Semper Reformanda (Always Reforming)

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